Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ubuntu Transformation Pack

Ubuntu Transformation Pack
This is third transformation pack and I hope you enjoy it.It doesn't change your windows fully to Ubuntu but somewhat creates a resembling atmosphere that is it changes only the look of your Vista PC. Must say I have given spl. attention to changing internal files like Flip3D,wmplayer.exe, games folder,etc.

System Files included :
1. imageres.dll (C:\WINDOWS\System32,contains almost every icon)
2. shell32.dll (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
3. wordpad.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accesories)
4. mspaint.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
5. notepad.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
6. sidebar.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar)
7. explorer.exe (C:\WINDOWS)
8. regedit.exe (C:\WINDOWS)
9. cmd.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
10. SnippingTool.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
11. wmplayer.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player)

If you interester, get it now by free !