Friday, July 11, 2008

Banner Maker Pro 6

Banner Maker Pro 6

Make banner for your web now is easy, fast, and in smooth graphic. Just use in software, Banner Maker Pro 6.

Here are some key features of Banner Maker Pro :

* Easy to use wizard - like interface
* Creates banners in just minutes
* The ability to preview 100s of different image variations quickly
* Banners created can be any size
* Over 60 easy animation effects using One Step Animation
* Frame by Frame animation allows for many different combinations of animations
* Choose background colors, images, or gradients
* Different border styles available
* Additional images can be dropped onto the banner
* Text can be modified and customized in a variety of ways
* Images can be saved in several different formats
* Shapes can be added
* Transparent areas can be added
* Images can be animated
* Smooth, Great Looking Text
* Any image can be added