Thursday, March 20, 2008

WIndows XP Professional SP 2

WIndows XP Professional SP 2
Prior to the release in early 2007 of Windows Vista, Windows XP was the biggest and most robust release of Microsoft's Windows line since 2001. Arguably the best seller in the line, it's is still running on most of the personal computers in the world.

Windows XP represented the combination of the best aspects of previous versions of Windows. Windows 9x and Me were known for their Plug and Play (PnP) capabilities, their multimedia capabilities, and their home user “friendliness.” Windows 2000 is known for its security features, its robustness, and its business-class performance. Windows XP takes the best from both of these operating systems. You can choose from two different flavors of Windows XP: Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. The two versions have a large number of similarities.
System Requirements:

* Processor: 233 MHz minimum/300 MHz recommended
* Memory: 64MB minimum/128MB recommended
* Hard Disk: 1.5GB available space
* Video: Super VGA (800x600) or higher

-NO Activation Needed!:
-You will NEED the WGA Patchers Keygen inorder to use Windows XP during the install. Make sure use use the Windows XP Pro VLK key to get your KEY! Once install is done run the WGA/OGA tool and press yes, to convert key genuine!
-You can burn the ISO with a Burning software sich as Nero or PowerISO. You can also Mount it with Power ISO or other.

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