Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winamp 5.5

Winamp 5.5

Sync Your iPod® (or other portable player) with Winamp
You love Winamp and have an iPod® and don't think they will work together? Think again. Winamp 5.5 includes iPod® syncing support with album art view. To synch Winamp and your iPod® (or other portable media player) launch the Media Library and check out the 'Portables' tab. You should see your iPod® or other device (provided you've plugged it into your computer!)

eMusic Gives Winamp Users Double the Music
Get 50 Free MP3 Downloads through this Special Offer from eMusic created just for Winamp users. No DRM and no restrictions. All songs are yours to keep and guaranteed to play on the iPod® or any MP3 player. Choose from over 2,500,000 tracks including Memory Almost Full, the latest album by Paul McCartney. Get Your 50 Free MP3 Downloads
Access and Share Your Music and Videos On the Go
Winamp Remote turns your home computer into a streaming server and play your music and videos on the go from any PC web browser, compatible cell phones, and TVs with a connected Wii, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3. Also, share and discover music and videos with friends. Get Your Music and Videos, When and Where You Want. Go Mobile with Winamp Remote here or launch the Media Library and check out Remote Media.

Winamp 5.5
Discover the Best Music on the Web with Media Monitor
The all-new Media Monitor automatically playlists playable media (such as embedded MP3 files) on a web site for your listening pleasure. Take a number of our pre-loaded MP3 Blogs for a spin, download and playlist what you like. Discovering great music just got a whole lot easier.
Unleash the Power of over 18,000 Online Radio Stations with SHOUTcast Radio
Whatever your tastes are, with over 18,000 Online Radio stations, SHOUTcast Radio - the home of free Online Radio - is bound to have a station for you. Tune-in to thousands of free online radio stations from DJs and broadcasters around the world. Listen to SHOUTcast Online Radio at or launch the Media Library in Winamp and check out SHOUTcast Radio in the Online Services.

Put Your Music Collection in Overdrive with Album Art and Auto-Tagger
Turn your music collection into a piece of art with Winamp's all-new album art retrieval and display feature. Simply right-click on any album and select "Get Album Art" and let the magic happen. Not happy with the metadata for your collection? Take the Auto-Tagger for a spin and get the most accurate information about your music downloaded to your PC. To access the auto-tagger right-click on an album or track and select "Send to-> Auto Tag".

Winamp 5.5
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