Saturday, January 12, 2008

Win Future XP ISO Builder 3.0.5

Win Future XP ISO Builder 3.0.5
* Integrate Service Packs & Updates
* Integrate user accounts
* Change registry settings
* Unattended (automatic) installation incl. registration key and creation of user data
* Change paths of different system folders
* Change launch modes of system services
* Defining pagefiles
* Integrate user-defined desktop theme
* Integrate your own fonts
* Integrate controller drivers for SATA, RAID, etc.
* Integrate device drivers for graphics, sound, network, etc.
* Integrate service and security updates
* Integrate applications* Remove unnecessary folders
* Integrate your own folders
* Convert Recovery-CDs
* Enable usage of unauthorized visual styles
* Speed up internet after installation of SP2 (TCP/IP patch)
* Includes profile management for easy recovery of different settings made
* Languages: German, Englisch
* Clarifications concerning every action
* Create bootable CD/DVD-ISO-Image