Wednesday, December 26, 2007


zonbu notebook...Think Green again
zonbu notebook

Zonbu: The Green, Hassle-Free Notebook
Surf, shop, burn music, trade stocks, write letters, crop photos, calculate profits, watch videos or talk to friends. Zonbu comes with all the software you need to work hard and play harder. There's nothing to buy, configure or troubleshoot - the world-class OS and 20 open source applications come installed and ready to go. When the latest application upgrade is released, have it automatically and transparently installed, keeping you up-to-date, without lifting a finger.•Energy-Saving Processor•Wifi 802.11b/g•CD-RW, DVD•1440x900 widescreen•Zonbu Elastic Drive•Bundle of 20 applications•Acclaimed Zonbu hassle-free service plan